Lil Keepsakes by Shirls
Bring a Milestone Moment to Life

Handmade with Love

Cross Stitch Art

Handmade with Love.

A sequence of threaded X’s brings pictures to life.

Birth Announcements

Made with Love.

It’s a precious moment when our children are born.

Their birth details set in colourful words and pictures to display with love.


Made with Love.

Prints to brighten up any child’s room.

Hi! My name is Shirls
I wanted to share with you, my love for crafts. I made my own birth announcements for my children with their favourite characters when they were young. I loved to see their birth details on the wall each time I would go into their rooms. Each day was a reminder that these little humans that my husband and I created, were growing into their little selves each day. Seeing their birth upon the wall added that special touch to their room. I found that I loved crafts and started learning cross stitch, macrame and jewellery making as a hobby. I decided to share what I have learnt by bringing the best of my creations to you. I put lots of love and careful thought into all that I do.

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